Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts
Coolshirt Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts from $159.00
Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt (Black) This is the Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt you’ve been looking for! When paired with a CoolShirt Club System or MobileCool Bag System (sold separately), this easy-care garment circulates cooled water over the driver’s torso, keeping him or her comfortable and focused when it’s time to get on track! The Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt connects to any cooling systems with its quick-disconnect insulated hose. Advanced moisture-wicking properties, antimicrobial protection, and “clean seam” tubing sewn into the interior of the Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt (Black) keep the driver cool, dry, and comfortable. Patented non-kink tubing helps ensure consistent, continual cooling. All Coolshirt Cool Water Shirts are easy-care with no special laundering needed. Just machine wash and hang to dry. Won’t pick, fade, or shrink. Cool Water shirt also available in White here.
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Stilo ST5 Hydration Kit
Stilo Stilo ST5 Hydration Kit $38.11 $42.34
Stilo ST5 Helmet Hydration Kit Hydration bite-valve kit designed specifically for the Stilo ST4 and ST5 helmet. KIT INCLUDES: (1) Male hydration connector (1) Female hydration connector (1) Hydration tube (1) Bite valve
Chillout Systems Dual Prong Adaptor
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems Dual Prong Adaptor $25.00
Chillout Systems Dual Prong Adaptor Designed to withstand wear, this military-grade dual-prong liquid connector maximizes the reliability of your driver cooling unit. The dual-prong design latches securely, enabling your Chillout hose to be linked to your system while preventing unintentional release. Dual-prong adapter connects Chillout cooling garments (or other brands cooling shirts with tubing) to a Chillout Systems driver cooling system with adapters.
Coolshirt Evolution Shirt
Coolshirt Coolshirt Evolution Shirt $229.00
Coolshirt Evolution Shirt Featuring double the tubing of their standard shirt for more cooling, the new Coolshirt Evolution driver cooling shirt takes advantage of their race-tested tubing and sewing methods. The new cotton Evolution shirt is just as comfortable, rugged and easy-to-use as the shirts that Coolshirt started the driver-cooling industry with. The new Evolution shirt is compatible with all Coolshirt cooling systems and accessories -- just plug in and cool off! If you've ever wanted more cooling, the Evolution series is perfect for you. FEATURES: Double the tubing of standard Coolshirt CoolWater shirts Won t shrink, pick or fade Extra length Clean seams for increased comfort Machine wash, machine dry
Chillout Systems Pro Touring Sport SFI Cooling Shirt
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems Pro Touring Sport SFI Cooling Shirt $499.00
Chillout Systems Pro Touring Sport Cooling Shirt (SFI Rated) The Chillout Systems Pro Touring Sport SFI-rated driver cooling shirt has 160 ft. of certified cooling veins structurally spread throughout the shirt Nomex material, covering three times more of the human torso than competing cooling shirts. Heat exhaustion can break your focus and cause you to make mistakes. The structured cooling vein design of Chillout Systems garments cool your core even at temperatures close to ambient (55o F optimum), cooling the whole body and boosting your mental focus. Systems using ice water are often too cold for efficient cooling, causing the capillaries just below the skin surface to close, slowing blood flow back to the core. Ice water systems can give the perception of cooling by changing the temperature of the skin without actually lowering your body temperature. This fire-rated cooling shirt is specifically designed to contour perfectly to your torso, simulating a second skin to minimize negative space between the cooling veins and your body. CONNECTORS Chillout Pro Touring shirts do not come standard with hose-end connectors. For use with a Chillout Systems cooler, you will need to add a Chillout Systems dual prong adapter. For use with a Coolshirt cooler, please add Coolshirt male connectors.
Coolshirt Water Hose
Coolshirt Coolshirt Water Hose from $95.00
Coolshirt Water Supply Hose The Coolshirt water supply hose connects your Coolshirt cooling garment to your cooler system. Choose from 4-, 8-, and 12-foot lengths. All Coolshirt water supply hoses come with emergency safety pull fittings.
Coolshirt Cooler Mounting Tray
Coolshirt Coolshirt Cooler Mounting Tray from $86.00
The Coolshirt Cooler Mounting Tray secures hard-shell units like the Club or Pro System coolers to your vehicle. Comes with a strap, choose 13- or 19-quart depending on your cooler size.
Chillout Systems 4
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems 4" Carbon Fiber Air Duct Plenum $250.00
Chillout Systems Carbon Fiber Air Duct Plenum Forcing fresh air to your cooler is the most efficient way to increase cooling performance and reduce amp draw from your electrical system. This plenum fits perfectly to the intake side of your Quantum Cooler, allowing much cooler air to be forced through the system via any four-inch duct (cooler, ducting, and intake scoop not included). A minimum 150 CFM blower (sold separately) should be used in conjunction with the plenum in order to cool properly. This carbon fiber plenum attaches via automotive-grade adhesive tape, creating a firm seal to keep the cooler pressurized with incoming cool air. This forces cool air all the way through the system and back out the exhaust side of the cooler, the most efficient way to reach maximum cooling capacity. Coupling the Chillout Systems Air Duct Plenum with your Quantum Cooler ensures no cool air is wasted, maximizing the effectiveness of the system.
Coolshirt Connectors
Coolshirt Coolshirt Connectors from $9.00
Coolshirt Hose Connectors FEATURES: 5/16" connectors that work with your Coolshirt system as well as others. Sold individually, you'll need two to adapt a garment properly. Choose connector style: Male or Female. SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY (Coolshirt/Momo/F.A.S.T.): Coolshirt MALE connectors work with any FEMALE connector (Coolshirt, Momo or F.A.S.T.). So no matter which system you have, a Coolshirt Coolwater shirt will work with it because of the MALE connector on the shirt. If you own a Momo or F.A.S.T. cooling shirt and want to use it with a Coolshirt system, simply purchase two Coolshirt MALE connectors, snip off the connectors on your shirt, and replace them. That's it! Because the Coolshirt male connectors are universal, your shirt will now be usable with all three major cooling systems. Even if you ll be racing in another car which uses a F.A.S.T. or Momo system, the new Coolshirt MALE connectors you just pushed on will work with it.
Coolshirt Club Cooler (Cooler and Pump Only)
Coolshirt Coolshirt Club Cooler (Cooler and Pump Only) from $275.00
Coolshirt Club Cooler The compact Club Cooler is designed for those racing applications that have space for a fixed-mounted cooler for longer race durations. Perfect for road racing, circle track, drags and many other racing types a favorite among SCCA, NASA, and PCA drivers! The Club Cooler keeps you cool and alert so you feel your best in the waning laps of a race, when heat is a big factor in fatigue and loss of focus. Plus, you can stay cool waiting in the pits or on the grid. The Coolshirt Club Cooler comes as a 13- or 19-quart cooling unit with an internal water pump that supplies cooled water to your Coolshirt garment (sold separately) through double-insulated hose (also sold separately) with automatic shutoff quick disconnects. Add an optional FC-1 Temperature Control for complete control over your cooling comfort in the race car. COOLER DIMENSIONS: 13-quart: 3 lbs, 14" x 11" x 9.5" 19-quart: 4 lbs, 15.5" x 13" x 10.5"
Coolshirt Air Blower System
Coolshirt Coolshirt Air Blower System $169.00
CoolShirt 235 CFM Air Blower System With a full 235CFM of helmet cooling air, the CoolShirt helmet blower system deliver relief from the heat in your helmet. CoolShirt's ABS-C 235 CFM provides clean, fresh air to the racer's helmet from the racecar's outside intake. CoolShirt 235 CFM Air Blower System Details: Manufacturer: CoolShirt Systems Manufacturer part number: 4200-0002 Manufacturer alternate part number: ABS-C-135 235 CFM Blower w/ blue custom filter housing 4ft x 1 1/2" diameter heavy duty clean air hose to go to your helmet 3ft x 3" diameter heavy duty clean intake air hose to supply the blower Silicone helmet connector for air hose Metal screen for air filter HEPA 4 micron air filter Housing diameter: 4" Cool Shirt delivers these new air systems to provide the versatility that many drivers need. Our Fresh Air Blower System provides HEPA-4 filtered, blower-enhanced air from the car's outside intake via air hose to the driver's helmet via an in-line 235 CFM Blower. Perfect for those applications that do not have room for a cooling unit. The 235cfm blower is perfect for "hot blooded" drivers or for enduro drivers needing a cooler core temp when the cockpit temperature rises.
Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Hose
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Hose from $140.00
Chillout Systems Insulated Coolant Hose The Chillout Hose is insulated liquid-transfer tubes encased in an ultra-durable, tear-resistant fabric shield. Six to ten feet of hose that connects your cooling garment to the driver cooling unit with fittings for a consistent flow cycle. Hose too long for your set-up? Solution: cut hose to desired length. Our hoses comes with an extra supply of matching shrink wrap for a flawless, durable, clean look. FEATURES: The 10-Foot hose includes additional heat shrink tubing for custom sizing while maintaining a finished look. Male connectors, two pieces. Female dual-prong connector to connect cooler, one piece Can be connected to other hoses to extend length (including Y connector). Double-Layer Insulation: one layer to protect the hose, a second to keep your coolant cool and efficient.
Chillout Systems 1.5 Liter Coolant Formula
Chillout Systems Chillout Systems 1.5 Liter Coolant Formula $30.00
Chillout Systems 1.5 Liter Coolant Formula This 1.5 liters of coolant will last a single racer an entire season! Non-toxic and biodegradable coolant that circulates through your Chillout Systems cooler and cooling garments, keeping you cool and your cooler running in prime condition. Does not evaporate, greatly extending the amount of time between refilling your system. Chillout cooling garments encase tubular veins within the material, covering a large surface area of the body to keep you cool, dry, and focused. We suggest you replace the Chillout Coolant in your system at least once per race season. It takes less than two minutes and keeps your cooling system running in peak condition.
Coolshirt Complete Club System All-In-One Kit
Coolshirt Coolshirt Complete Club System All-In-One Kit $0.00
Coolshirt Complete Club System Kit Package Price Starting from $456.00 w/ No Cooling Shirt At Competition Motorsport, we assembled this kit to put everything you need to reduce fatigue, reaction time, and dehydration all in one place. Anyone who uses a Coolshirt system will tell you: once you race with one, you'll never race without it. Our Complete Club System Kit comes complete with everything you need -- and you save $25! Coolshirt coolers have received a significant upgrade in recent years, with new encapsulated pumps rated for an incredible 25,000 hours of continuous operation. Each Coolshirt Complete Club System Kit is shipped with your choice of a 13- or 19-quart Coolshirt cooler, the appropriate mounting tray and tie-down straps, your size cotton short-sleeve CoolWater cooling shirt, and your choice of an 8- or 12-foot water hose (which can be cut to the desired length for your installation). The Coolshirt Complete Club System is the preferred choice for racers at all levels of the motorsport. Whether you race with NASA, PCA, SCCA, IMCA, Chump Car, LeMons, WRL or any other organization, this system's ease of use and unparalleled quality will keep you performing at your peak. Add an optional CoolShirt FC-1 Temperature Controller for total control over your comfort in the race car. The FC-1 Temperature Controller allows you to minimize the flow of water while sitting in your race car in the paddock or grid, increase the flow as-needed for racing during cooler conditions, or with the flip of a switch bypass the flow control for full-on water flow through your Coolshirt garment. You can also upgrade to the new Coolshirt Evolution cooling shirt. With double the tubing of the standard Cooshirt, you get much more efficient heat transfer to keep your core temperature stable for a longer period of time. COMPLETE SYSTEM KIT INCLUDES Coolshirt Club System cooler (13- or 19-quart) Mounting tray Black or White CoolWater shirt (choose hose exit side) Maintenance Additive Water supply/return hose (8- or 12-foot) COOLER DIMENSIONS 13-quart: 3 lbs, 14" x 11" x 9.5" 19-quart: 4 lbs, 15.5" x 13" x 10.5"
Coolshirt Cooler Maintenance Additive 16-oz.
Coolshirt Coolshirt Cooler Maintenance Additive 16-oz. $19.95
Coolshirt Maintenance Additive was developed by Coolshirt technicians as the best way to keep Coolshirt driver cooling systems clean and and tubing in your car and your garments clear of mold, etc. This non-toxic, biodegradable solution contains a fungicide, yet it's safe to use in all Coolshirt cooling systems. Regular use of Coolshirt Maintenance Additive will not only help clean your system, it will also improve the performance and life of the system pump. Use 2 oz. of additive every time your Cooling system is used (6 oz. for the large multi-person pit cooling systems).