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Cobra Nogaro Sports Seat


Cobra Nogaro Sports Seat

(Side Mounts Sold Separately)

The Cobra Nogaro has been designed from a clean sheet of paper to appeal to owners of a wide variety of sports, classic and GT cars. Although it is built to Cobra exacting motorsport standards, this is a seat that is designed to be as much at home running kids to school as it is on the Nordschleife. Despite being very supportive, the design has been carefully balanced to ensure long distance touring comfort and easy entry and egress.

To this end, the seat shell is carefully sculpted to hold the shoulders and hips, but with lower profile side bolsters on the base to allow quick and easy entry.

Two shell options are available to suit all tastes and budgets. Choose from either the GRP (glass-reinforced plastic, lighter than traditional fiberglass) version at a scant 22.4 lbs or the featherweight carbon fiber variant at an unbelievable 11.7 lbs! No matter what OEM seat you are running, these will save an incredible amount of weight over the factory seats.

The Nogaro can also be ordered in two styles: "Street" looks right at home in anything from a fully sorted Audi to a highly modified Porsche; "Circuit" offers the same good looks, but with the added benefit of harness slots for those heading out for the occassional track day. Better still, the Nogaro's side profile has been carefully optimized to work perfectly with all factory seatbelt systems and side curtain airbags.

When placing your order, if you select the custom Leather or Alcantara trim option, we will contact you to discuss the specifics of the combination you want.


  • Low Profile: Designed specifically for the Cobra Nogaro Seat, the SUBFR31 side plates are designed to help the Nogaro site slightly lower than traditional side plates.
  • Porsche drivers: Cobra has the ultimate seat bracket, made specifically for Porsche models. This Porsche side plate allows you to bolt your Cobra Nogaro seat direct to the factory manual OE Porsche sliders.

Note: low-profile and Porsche side mounts (pictured) are not included, but are available separately in the dropdown above.

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