Motorola CP200D, CP200, 6 Unit Multi-Charger 1 "a"


Motorola CP200D, CP200, 6 Unit Multi-Charger


Motorola CP200D, CP200, 6 Unit Multi-Charger

The Motorola PMLN6588S charges up to 6 Motorola CP series radios from completely empty to full in under 3 hours. Using the advanced design, you may charge a complete handheld Motorola radio or just a single un-installed battery. This is the genuine Motorola "6 gang" charger you see every pro team using.

While there are inferior chargers, this genuine Motorola smart charger makes sure your batteries are topped off and not overcharged. Inferior copies use a constant Volt & AMP charge protocol that modern Motorola radios batteries do not like. Motorola batteries are advanced Hi-Capacity Lithium-ion also called Li-ion. Help your genuine Motorola hand held radios have their peak performance and the longest battery life. 


Motorola CP200D, CP200, 6 Unit Multi-Charger Details:

  • Manufacturer: Motorola
  • Manufacturer part number: PMLN6588A
  • Compatiblility: Motorola CP200D, CP200,¬†PR400, CP200.XLS, and CP150 Series Radios and Batteries
  • Charges: 1-6 radios or bateries at 1 time
  • Charge time: 3 hours
  • Power supply: 110 VAC (standard US outlet)
  • Height:¬†6-1/64"
  • Length:¬†17-1/2"
  • Width:¬†11-1/2"
  • Material:¬†Polycarbonate/Metal


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