SPEEDCOM Two Person Intercom
SpeedCom Communications SPEEDCOM Two Person Intercom $129.95
SPEEDCOM 2MPI driver coaching intercom brings features from $300+ intercom systems and offers simple, rugged and reliable driver to passenger communications. SPEEDCOM Two Person Intercom Details: Manufacturer: SPEEDCOM Manufacturer part number: SCC-2MPI Power source 1: 4 AA Batteries Power source 2: 12V DC vehicle power cable with cigarette lighter adapter Can be dual powered: Yes Independent volume control: Yes Helmet connection 1: IMSA female Helmet connection 2: IMSA female Headsets Sold Separately HERE Power Source: Actually the SpeedCom SCC-2MPI has two independent power sources. For the instructor going from car to car, the 4 internal AA batteries provides multiple weekends of power. For a driver who mounts the SCC-2MPI in their car a 12V DC flying lead (open wires) can power the intercom anytime vehicle power is available. Mounting:¬† A incredible simple and secure roll bar "V" notch is built into this communicator. Just add 2 worm drive clamps, and you are secured beyond anything we hope you do to your car, even Rally racers. Helmet Connections: Built in are dual IMSA protocol (4C) female connectors on a lead. These dual IMSA cables are built in and ready to connect to your Roux integrated electronics or any other helmet with an IMSA helmet kit. If your helmet is not wired, simply add 2 SpeedCom SCC-SEIH Single Ear Intercom Headsets. This device requires headsets sold separately here. Volume Control: Dual independent volume controls are mounted on the front for easy control. The driver knob on the left has the main power control built in elemenating the need for a secondary master power switch. Clean, simple, powerful sound control. Size: The SCC-2MPI is compact and rugged. The main unit is 9 cm wide and the roll bar mount ears are 2.5 cm longer on each side. Cable Lengths: If you have ever had to purchase a race car electronics extension cable, you know how frustrating that is. Why did an engineer who makes a product think a 3" lead is what a racer wants. 12V DC Power Lead: 4 ft 3 in Helmet Connections: 7 ft 2 in