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Apex Pro Gen II Lap Time Optimizer


APEX Pro Gen II Lap Time Optimizer

APEX Pro is a tool for competitive drivers. From track days and road racing to autocross and hill-climb, APEX Pro is a tool that helps improve lap times while on track and simplifies post-session data review with the most intuitive software interface available.

APEX Pro pairs using Bluetooth with your Apple (iOS smartphone) to automatically save data to the APEX app. It provides accurate lap-times at over 200 official tracks around the world, as well as allowing custom track creation. While on track, precisely filtered data is logged at 10 Hz and sent to the smartphone. APEX has a suite of tools allowing drivers to review and replay data overlaid on track maps or plotted in many other ways. To compare laps with other drivers, simply email or AirDrop recorded sessions to fellow drivers or driving instructors. You can instantly overlay and compare sessions from the same track. While you're out on the track, friends and crew members can watch your driving and lap-times (and telemetry with Gen II) from anywhere in the world using the CrewView social platform (iOS).


Red lights on the APEX Pro indicate unused potential. In motorsport terms, the tires are not at their limit. This limit is calculated by taking in thousands of sensor measurements per second from the internal GPS and accelerometers (nine-axis IMU). These raw sensor measurements are then filtered through the APEX algorithm derived from years of testing at all levels of motorsport. This process on takes a lap or two of driving at pace, and from these measurements APEX determines the car road-holding ability (based on your driving, not a theoretical limit).

That's how APEX helps you find your limit. Peak measurements are compared with the other measurements to determine if those peaks seen in one area of the track are achievable elsewhere. Put another way, you may be faster in one section of the track than another, and that is how APEX learns where the available grip is. Red lights represent the limit determined by the APEX algorithm, green lights show you how close you are to that limit. For more information, check out the APEX Pro startup guide linked below!


  • Smoother, more precise data (satellite map and data graphs).
  • Easier interpretation of APEX Coaching model (100% APEX score is possible!)
  • Predictive timing display option on the APEX LEDs.
  • Battery indicator light on the unit (green = fully charged).
  • Lower profile design.
  • Increased battery life (6+ hours)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • New APEX App User Interface for easier use
  • Charging indicators: red LED, unit charging; green LED, unit done charging.
  • Telemetry: live streaming of ground speed, longitudinal and lateral G data traces


  • Easy-to-interpret real time display (no more red lights on the straights if you get a good exit)
  • Lower profile means it takes up less space on the dash so your vision is not obstructed.
  • You now know if your APEX Pro unit is being charged when you plug it in, and whether it fully charged.
  • Predictive LEDs make it super-simple to see if you are trending faster or slower than your best lap so far.
  • Telemetry is perfect for track side instruction and endurance racing.


  • Sixty-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. View return policy here.
  • All APEX units have a 12-month hardware warranty. Send the unit back to APEX within one year of purchase for a free repair if you experience issues.
  • Extend your warranty buy purchasing an annual Lap Timer Plus membership. Your warranty is extended for as long as you subscribe.
  • Download the free APEX app.
  • Your purchase comes with a free 30-day trial of Lap Timer Plus membership.
  • Lap Timer Plus includes discounts on APEX Pro products, online courses, and webinars in addition to unlocking additional features in the app.
  • Visit the APEX Pro FAQ section to learn more about APEX Pro. Also, view the APEX Pro Mounting Guide.
  • Do you autocross? Check out the Custom Track Feature Guide.
  • The APEX Pro YouTube page features hours of helpful data review content. Subscribe to get notified when new videos are posted.
  • APEX Pro is more than a product, it's a community of users. Click here to join the APEX Pro user group on Facebook.

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