Speedcom Single Ear Headset
SpeedCom Communications Speedcom Single Ear Headset $89.95
SPEEDCOM SCC-SEIH single ear intercom headset connects to all SPEEDCOM intercom units and features a built-in IMSA (4C) male connector for simple, reliable driver to passenger communications. SPEEDCOM Single Ear Headset Details: Manufacturer: SPEEDCOM Manufacturer part number: SCC-SEIH Flexboom length: 18 cm Wiring harness length: 3 ft & 19.5 in Wiring harness protocol: IMSA 4C Male Earpiece speaker details: The actual speaker portion of the SPEEDCOM SEIH Single Ear Intercom Headset is quite small. Measuring approximately 3.5 cm diameter, the thickness is 2 cm microphone and pillow pad. The pillow pad compresses easily and has the right amount of "give" for comfort. Earpiece flex boom microphone: Attached to the speaker is a flex boom noise cancelling microphone. The flex portion of the boom is 14 cm long and the mini microphone adds 4 cm, making it 18 cm long total for full reach around anyone's face to their mouth. The compact size works in every helmet we tried on. Earpiece wiring harness: Why do students pull the earpiece out by the wires? That is the question for the ages. SPEEDCOM changes how headsets are built by making the harness with a built-in molded plug. Other brands use the compression of the two speaker piece halves to hold the wire, but SPEEDCOM uses a wire that has the security block built into the harness during the manufacturing stage. Is this a more expensive way to build a headset? Certainly. Is it the better way to build a headset? Defiantly. Using the most popular form of racing protocols, IMSA, the lead is 3 ft and 19.5" long and a perfect length for either a dash mounted unit or shoved between the seat of a D.E. car, or in the instructors hand.
Speedcom Two Person Intercom
SpeedCom Communications Speedcom Two Person Intercom from $134.99
Speedcom Two Person Intercom SPEEDCOM 2MPI driver coaching intercom brings features from $300+ intercom systems and offers simple, rugged and reliable driver to passenger communications. SPEEDCOM Two Person Intercom Details Manufacturer: SPEEDCOM Manufacturer part number: SCC-2MPI Power source 1: 4 AA Batteries Power source 2: 12V DC vehicle power cable with cigarette lighter adapter Can be dual powered: Yes Independent volume control: Yes Helmet connection 1: IMSA female Helmet connection 2: IMSA female Headsets Sold Separately HERE SPEEDCOM TWO PERSON INTERCOM Power Source: Actually the SpeedCom SCC-2MPI has two independent power sources. For the instructor going from car to car, the 4 internal AA batteries provides multiple weekends of power. For a driver who mounts the SCC-2MPI in their car a 12V DC flying lead (open wires) can power the intercom anytime vehicle power is available. SPEEDCOM TWO PERSON INTERCOM Mounting: A incredible simple and secure roll bar "V" notch is built into this communicator. Just add 2 worm drive clamps, and you are secured beyond anything we hope you do to your car, even Rally racers. SPEEDCOM TWO PERSON INTERCOM Helmet Connections: Built in are dual IMSA protocol (4C) female connectors on a lead. These dual IMSA cables are built in and ready to connect to your Roux integrated electronics or any other helmet with an IMSA helmet kit. If your helmet is not wired, simply add 2 SpeedCom SCC-SEIH Single Ear Intercom Headsets. This device requires headsets sold separately. SPEEDCOM TWO PERSON INTERCOM Volume Control: Dual independent volume controls are mounted on the front for easy control. The driver knob on the left has the main power control built in elemenating the need for a secondary master power switch. Clean, simple, powerful sound control. SPEEDCOM TWO PERSON INTERCOM Size: The SCC-2MPI is compact and rugged. The main unit is 9 cm wide and the roll bar mount ears are 2.5 cm longer on each side. SPEEDCOM TWO PERSON INTERCOM Cable Lengths: If you have ever had to purchase a race car electronics extension cable, you know how frustrating that is. Why did an engineer who makes a product think a 3" lead is what a racer wants. 12V DC Power Lead: 4 ft 3 in Helmet Connections: 7 ft 2 in
Longacre Deluxe 2.5
Longacre Longacre Deluxe 2.5" 0-40 psi Tire Gauge $74.99
Longacre Deluxe Tire Gauge - 2.5" - 0-40 psi by 1/2 LB The Longacre Deluxe 2.5" Tire Gauge 0-40 psi by 1/2 lb keeps the highest value race cars at the front of the pack. The Longacre Deluxe 52-52013 is a large faced, 2.5" glow in the dark tire gauge with 1/2 lb accuracy and is a track side favorite with many teams from ChampCar to IMSA. Longacre 0-40 psi Deluxe Gauge Features: Manufacturer: Longacre Manufacturer part number: 52013 Gauge Face Size: 2 1/2" Pressure Range: 0 - 40 psi Dial Increments: 1/2 lb Accuracy: 2% Bleed off: Yes Holds Pressure: Yes Includes both angle and ball chucks: Yes Hose Length: 17" Internal damper: Yes
Longacre Standard 2
Longacre Longacre Standard 2" Tire Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb $36.99
Longacre Standard 2" Tire Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb The Longacre Standard 2" Glow In The Dark Tire Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb is a track side favorite, Small and compact to fits in most glove boxes, but still give accurate readings in all light conditions. Longacre Standard 2" Tire Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb Details: Manufacturer: Longacre Racing Manufacturer Part Number: 52004 Air pressure release button: Yes, qty one Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life Flexible 14" hose with angle chuck installed - also includes ball chuck 2" Glow-In-The-Dark dial face Quick Compare Part Number: 52004 52003 53006 Style: Analog Analog Digital Range: 0-60 psi 0-60 psi 0-60 psi Size: 2" 2 1/2" 2" Increments: 1 lb 1/2 lb .2 lb Accuracy: 1 lb / 2% mid 1 lb / 2% .6 lb / 1% Hose Length: 14" 17" 14" Chuck: Angle & ball Angle & ball Angle & ball Holds Pressure: No Yes No GID / Backlight: GID GID None [img-1739-left-large_default]
Longacre SFI 45.1 Hi-Density Bar Padding - 3' Black
Longacre Longacre SFI 45.1 Hi-Density Bar Padding - 3' Black $39.99
Longacre SFI 45.1 Hi-Density Bar Padding - 3' Black ChampCar legal SFI 45.1 roll bar padding providing maximum flame retardation and energy absorption. Constructed from hi-density fire resistant materials, you have the impact protection you need and the fire protection you hope you never need. Longacre SFI 45.1 Hi-Density Bar Padding - 3' Black Details: Manufacturer: Longacre Manufacturer part number: 52-65169 Required in NHRA, SCCA, NASCAR, Grand-Am, PWC, NASA, BMWCCA, ChampCar, PCA and more. Rating meets SFI spec 45.1 Provides maximum in energy absorption and flame retardation Will not drip or melt in fire Fits bars from 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" 36" length, pre-taped adhesive For perfect corners use a hack saw and a miter box #1 Seller in Roll Bar Padding Longacre SFI 45.1 roll bar padding won't melt or drip in a fire and is our #1 seller in roll-bar padding.
Racing Radio Foam Earbuds
Racing Radios Racing Radio Foam Earbuds $99.95
Racing Radio Foam Ear Buds - Universal Foam Driver Earpieces By Racing Radios. Designed with Ultra High Noise Transducers. Plugs directly into Driver Helmet with 3.5mm jack and has a 19" wiring lead. This is the industry standard foam earpiece used by Racing Radios for over 30 years. Racing Radio Foam Ear Buds Details: Manufacturer: Racing Radios Manufacturer part number: CE31/A-FOAMS Helmet connection: Universal 3.5mm Foam Tipped: Yes Wiring Length: 19" Entry level or Pro: Pro If we look closer at a Racing Radios earpiece, we notice there are quite a few differences. First, the outer foam piece is softer and closer to a smooth/soft material than the harder foam material used by lesser manufacturers. After a year of racing the foam was still soft, but starting to look pretty nasty, so upon trying to remove the foam I noticed that there is a micro drop of glue on the end of the wire to transducer that locked it to the foam earpiece. To remove the foam, I used a new razor blade and cut the foam like a banana and peeled the old foam out of the way. There I could inspect the perfect micro soldering on what is one of the words smallest (transducers) speaker not used for Top Secret surveillance. To install the new foam covers, I use a pair of tweezers to stretch the hole open for 30 seconds and before the hole closes I slide the mini-transducer into the new foam, keeping the end of the sound tube barely covered by the end of the foam. I put a 1/2 a drop of super glue on the wire to foam area and I am done. Racing Radios is considered the go to for Professional Teams of all series and their quality is second to none. Racing Radios foam earpieces are not the cheapest on the web, but they are the best on the web. Trust Racing Radios for the best in race car driver communication.  
Daily Rental of SA2015/SA2020 Helmet at AMP
Rental Daily Rental of SA2015/SA2020 Helmet at AMP from $40.00
Daily Rental of Full Face or Open Face SA2015/SA2020 Helmet at Atlanta Motorsports Park. DiscoveryParts keeps a full fleet of SA2015 rental helmets to make sure every driver is safe on track.
SPA AFFF Refill & Recertify Mechanical Bottle Lowest Price
Recertify SPA AFFF Refill & Recertify Mechanical Bottle from $99.00
SPA AFFF Mechanical Refill & Recertify SPA AFFF Systems Must Be Inspected and Recertified Every 2 years. This service includes inspection of the bottle, dip tube and firing head, refilling with SPA Lite AFFF fluid, pressurizing to factory-specified pressure with nitrogen, and FIA recertification if applicable. Additional charges may apply if replacement of firing head or other parts is required. Bottles that are up to 2 years past the service due date can be serviced. Bottles that are 2 years and one day past their service due date cannot be serviced (SPA and FIA requirement). Bottles over 5 years old must be hydrostatically tested before service at an extra cost (DOT requirement).* Bottles over 10 years old cannot be serviced (SPA and FIA requirement). Bottles originally designed for gas (Halon / FE-36) or dry chem (powder) cannot be retrofitted with AFFF. Pay now or later? Later. Please do not pay for the bottle before shipping us your bottle. Print and fill out this FORM We will contact you after we receive and inspect your bottle. Shipping: What shipping can I choose for my fire bottle? If it has been discharged, you can ship your bottle to us empty via ground, overnight, 2 or 3 day air. Once your bottle is serviced, DOT regulations will not allow the bottle to be on any aircraft. We must return your fire system bottle via ground shipping ONLY. Return UPS or FedEx Ground shipping. In Store / Same Day Service: Fire suppression systems can be dropped off and/or picked from our store in Dawsonville, GA, or any event our trackside support staff is attending. Same day service is available at the Dawsonville store for an additional $50 charge. Same day service is available during normal store hours except Tuesday and Saturday. Please call ahead for service availability. Trackside vehicles are not equipped for fire suppression service.  Discharged or Not Discharged: If your SPA Technique fire system has run out of time and needs to be re-certified, usually this is all you will need to inspect, service, and certify your fire bottle. Please do not discharge your bottle prior to shipping, unless you need to ship expedited to DiscoveryParts for service. Old Bottles: The older bottle design with a single weld seam around the middle of the bottle fails the new hydrostatic test about 99% of the time. The newer bottles with a weld seam at each end have a much higher passing rate. If you have an older single-weld bottle, it is likely that the DOT will not allow us to refill it. In most cases, we have new replacement bottles in stock and ready to ship. Shipping your bottle to DiscoveryParts: Create an account at DiscoveryParts.com including your billing and shipping address (if different) If you need help with step 1, call Discovery Parts @ 706-344-1235 Ship your bottle, insured with tracking to: DiscoveryParts-SPA Recharge20 Duck Thurmond RoadUnit B-2Dawsonville, GA 30534
Longacre Replacement Drink Bottle Kit
Longacre Longacre Replacement Drink Bottle Kit $39.99
Longacre Replacement Water Bottle w/ Hose and Bite Valve Don't want to share your bite valve with your co-driver, or just looking for a replacement water bottle? Use Longacre 22556 replacement bottle with hose and bite valve kit. Extra or replacement drink bottle and hose for Longacre Bolt-On Drink Holder Longacre P/N's 22551 or 22553 Longacre Replacement Drink Bottle Kit Details: Manufacturer: Longacre Manufacturer part number: 22556 Large capacity(42oz) double insulated bottle with tube Includes "bite valve" to avoid leaks from tube Common for an enduro car for every driver to have their own bottle Standard part included inside Longacre Kits 22551 & 22553
Vinyl Track Decals
Discovery Parts Vinyl Track Decals from $3.00
Vinyl Track Decals What better way to remember your track day than with a car tattoo in your favorite color?Two sizes available for your car, helmet, tool box, trailer or anywhere that needs a little speed. Our Vinyl Track Decals are made of quality intermediate vinyl. Sticks perfectly and lasts. Two sizes, medium is 5.25" wide and Small is 3.0" wide. Available Tracks: Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) Car Track Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) Kart Track Barber Raceway Carolina Motorsports Park Roebling Road Road Atlanta Sebring International Raceway
Longacre 17
Longacre Longacre 17" Replacement Mirror $52.99
Longacre 17" Replacement Mirror Longacre Wide Angle 17" Racecar Replacement Rear View Mirror. Now you can easily see not just behind you, but in the hidden spots even with your quarter panel in the deepest of brake zones. LONGACRE 17" MIRROR DETAILS: Manufacturer: Longacre Manufacturer Part Number: 22547 Style: Panoramic / Convex Size: 17" Housing: Aluminum/ABS Plastic For a bigger and better field of rear vision, replace your factory rear view mirror with one of these 17" Panoramic mirrors from Longacre Racing. These mirrors are also a direct replacements for those in Longacre Racing's mirror kits.
Stilo ST5 Helmet Shields
Stilo Stilo ST5 Helmet Shields from $143.95 $160.00
Stilo Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Visor for the ST5 Helmet Stilo ST5 visors fit all Stilo SA2020, SA2015, FIA 8859/8860 non-ABP model helmets. Stilo visors are available in over 10 different colors in different levels of gradient to make sure you have the perfect shield for every race condition. From the Stilo dark smoke to a selection of multiple iridiums, Stilo ST5 visors are a great way to ensure your best vision and lap time. Stilo ST5 GT Visor Part Number Chart: STI-YA0800 ST5 Clear Visor STI-YA0801 ST5 Smoked medium visor STI-YA0802 ST5 Smoked dark visor STI-YA0803 ST5 Mirror medium visor STI-YA0804 ST5 Mirror dark visor STI-YA0805 ST5 Iridium blue medium visor STI-YA0806 ST5 Iridium blue dark visor STI-YA0807.2 ST5 Iridium red medium visor STI-YA0808 ST5 Iridium red dark visor STI-YA0809.2 ST5 Iridium yellow medium visor - Not FIA Certified STI-YA0810 ST5 Iridium yellow dark visor - Not FIA Certified STI-YA0813 ST5 Amber visor - Not FIA Certified STI-YA0814 ST5 Clear double glazed visor - Dirt / Offroad Friendly STI-YA0815 ST5 Clear double glazed visor - Not FIA Certified STI-YA0816 ST5 Sun screen short visor STI-YA0821 ST5 Visor sun strip blocker STI-YA0817 ST5 Visor screw kit STI-YA0818 ST5 Visor locking pin replacement STI-YA0851 ST5 Clear Anti-Scratch No Anti-Fog - Dirt / Offroad Friendly High quality, Anti-fog visors shaped for the Stilo ST5 GT helmets. The Stilo ST5 series is unique in that the shield lock is located in the center position of the shield. The shield lock is released by squeezing the outboard sides together and that will then release it from the mount stud that is located in the center of the helmet. The reason for this is to "clean-up" the sides of the helmet where a side impact in a head containment seat may grab parts of the helmet. All Stilo ST5 shilds have the center release mechanism installed on it.All Stilo ST5 shields are treated with an anti-fog treatment and they do require special care. The best result we have by far is the Stilo Visor cleaner. Liberally spray the outside of the visor with the cleaner, and wipe in a single swipe with a micro fiber towel until clean and dry. If fingerprints or dirt remain, repeat as needed. A back and forth wiping motion will tend to leave lint from the rag on the visor, so the single pass works best. Repeat if necessary, but usually one pass works great.Stilo Visor Care: Do not use Windex or any glass cleaner containing ammonia, as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor, and the anti-fog coating on the inside of the visor. This is the official Stilo Visor Cleaner.
Racing Radios Helmet Earpiece Jack
Racing Radios Racing Radios Helmet Earpiece Jack $35.00
Racing Radios Helmet Earpiece Jack This is the piece that connects your ear pieces to your helmet cord. Heat shrink on gold plated connections provide years of trouble free communications, in the harshest of weather conditions. This is a true pro level motorsports piece of equipment. This is the new version that accepts stereo and mono ear pieces. Racing Radios Helmet Earpiece Jack Connector Manufacturer: Racing Radios Manufacturer Part Number: HKP-123100-H Weatherproof: Yes Earpiece Connection Size: Universal Mono & Stereo Entry level or Pro: Pro
Racing Radios 4-C IMSA Helmet Coil Cord
Racing Radios Racing Radios 4-C IMSA Helmet Coil Cord $72.00
Racing Radios 4/C IMSA Helmet Coil Cord Racing Radios 4 Conductor IMSA Helmet Coil Cord. This IMSA coiled cable for your helmet kit makes driver changes even easier by allowing you more movement to prevent accidental disconnects. If you have a head containment seat, this is a necessary item as the straight cord becomes bound up on the head containment portion of your race seat. Racing Radios IMSA Helmet Coil Cord (4 Conductor) Details Manufacturer: Racing Radios Manufacturer part number: HKP-1214010-H Car Harness End: IMSA (4 Conductor) Helmet End: Open (4 wires) Straight or Coiled: Coiled Gold Tipped Connections: Yes Entry level or Pro: Pro
Racing Radios Helmet Mini Microphone Kit
Racing Radios Racing Radios Helmet Mini Microphone Kit $110.00
Racing Radios Helmet Mini Microphone Kit Pro Level Racing Radios Mini Dynamic Noise-Cancelling, Flexible Boom Microphone for your helmet. The Noise canceling microphone is an essential part to any helmet kit. This microphone will cancel out background and engine noise to provide clear communication from the driver. Racing Radios Helmet Mini Microphone Kit Details: Noise Canceling: Yes Microphone Size: Mini Entry level or Pro: Pro Manufacturer: Radio Connector Manufacturer Part Number: HKP-126120 [img-2311-left-large_default]