Brey Krause Harness Bar C6 Corvette (R-1120) 1 "a"


Brey Krause Harness Bar C6 Corvette (R-1120)


Brey Krause R-1120 Harness Bar For Chevy C6 Corvette

This Harness Bar Fits The Following C6 Corvettes:

  • Chevrolet Corvette Coupe (2005-2013)
  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 & ZR1 (2006-2013)
  • Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (2010-2013)

The Brey Krause Model R-1120 Harness Bar for the C6 Corvette properly locates and supports racing shoulder harnesses relative to the driver. In the case of an accident, it helps protect the driver's shoulders and spine. The harness guides also prevent excessive shifting and fatigue of the driver during the high G loads of cornering and braking. Brey Krause bars are easy to install and remove, and will get you ready for the race track in just a few hours!

Special Note:

Because of mounting locations in the C6, the B-pillar plastic sail panel covers will require two holes to be drilled through them. Brey Krause provides plastic plugs to cover the holes if the bar is ever removed.

Sail panel replacements can be ordered from your GM Dealer (Part 15277640 for driver side, and 15277641 for passenger side) if the plastic plugs are not the desired solution. Strength requirements for harness mounts are considerably greater than those for harness guide bars since they must support the entire load applied to the belts.

Brey Krause C6 Corvette Harness Bar Details:

  • Manufacturer: Brey Krause
  • Manufacturer Part Number: R-1120
  • Material: Type 304, stainless steel
  • Finish: Powder coated in durable black wrinkle-finish
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs. (7.8 kg)
  • Installation: Bar attaches to factory mounting points in "B" pillars.

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