Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air Cooler (Add-On) 1 "a"


Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air Cooler (Add-On)


Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air Cooler

The Coolshirt Dry-Cool Air System is an add-on component that can be installed in series to any water-cooled system (such as the Club System, MobileCool bags, Drag Pack, etc.) to provide cool air to the driver's helmet.

Using an independent fan system to draw outside air through an aluminum heat-exchanger, the 235 CFM fan provides hours of cool air when needed.

Add an optional FC-2 Dual-Temperature Controller to control both fan speed and cooling system water pump speed. This lets you tailor cooling to the environment, whether you're waiting on the grid or racing full-tilt on a hot day!

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