Racetech RTB1006B Seat Back Brace
Racetech Racetech RTB1006B Seat Back Brace $99.99
Racetech RTB1006B Seat Back Brace Racetech RTB1006B (standard size) and RTB1006BW (wide size) 6mm aluminium brackets for back-mounting seats. To meet FIA 8862-2009, one of these brackets must be used with Racetech 129-Series seats to attach the seat to the roll cage at shoulder height. Standard size (RTB1006B) compatible with: RT4129HRW RT9129HRW RT9129THR Wide size (RTB1006BW) compatible with: RT4129WTHR RT4129WHR RT9129WHR RT9129WTHR
Racetech RTB2005C Seat Back Brace Clamps
Racetech Racetech RTB2005C Seat Back Brace Clamps $169.99
Racetech RTB2005C Seat Back Brace Clamps Racetech RTB2005C aluminium clamps for back-mounting seats. Precision cut from a 20mm-thick 5083 alloy sheet. Sold as a pair, these clamps fix around a roll cage tube and bolt to the RTB2115B bracket. This allows you to effectively back-mount a Racetech 119-Series racing seat to the chassis/roll cage at shoulder level. Supplied with two M8 bolts and two flat washers. AVAILABLE SIZES: 11/2 inch (38.1mm) 15/8 inch (41.3mm) 13/4 inch (44.5mm)
Racetech RTB2115B Seat Back Brace
Racetech Racetech RTB2115B Seat Back Brace $99.99
Racetech RTB2115B Seat Back Brace The Racetech RTB2115B bracket for back-mounting seats is made from 5mm 5083 aluminium. This bracket bolts to the shoulder beam of Racetech 119-Series racing seats and works in conjunction with RTB2005C clamps. This allows you to fix the seat to a lateral/diagonal roll cage tube. Requires four holes to be drilled to bolt on the clamps once you have your racing seat set-up in the optimum driving position. COMPATIBLE RACETECH RACING SEATS: RT4119HRW RT4119THR RT4119WHR RT4119WTHR RT9119HR RT9119THR RT9119WHR RT9119WTHR
Schroth B23A Bendable Harness Snap End Kit
Schroth Schroth B23A Bendable Harness Snap End Kit $14.95
Schroth B23A Bendable Harness Snap End Kit Schroth B23A harness ends are bendable and make racing harnesses easier where there is very little clearance. The Schroth B23A bendable snap-on harness adapter lets you bolt one end to the chassis, bend it to the needed shape, and attach your harness snap end. Schroth B23A Bendable Harness Snap End Kit Details: Manufacturer: Schroth Manufacturer part number: B23A Manufacturer alternate part number: SR 01324 Bendable Fittings: Yes (2) Bolts: Yes (2) 7/16-24 Wavy Washers: Yes (2) Combination Washers: Yes (2) The B23A End Fitting Kit is a set of bolt in brackets that are usually sewn into 2" Lap belts. Schroth slang calls it a "Rallye End" kit because it usually comes on the street legal Rallye style belts. Like the 01323 kit, it is designed to be bent. These pieces are commonly used in Porsche applications where space for an Eye bolt is insufficient. This bracket can be bolted to the car, then bent so that a Snap-In bracket can be used to fix the harness to the bracket. We use Schroth B23A brackets in many applications where stock mounting locations do not leave sufficient space, or if the thread pitch is different from the eye bolts. If you have a Miata, S2000 or are putting a large/very large seat in a full interior car this is the harness mount kit you want.
Schroth Harness Grips
Schroth Schroth Harness Grips $15.95
Schroth Harness Grips Schroth's street legal harnesses have loops sewn into the end of each adjusting strap. These are plastic dowels that can be put through those loops to give something firm to grab on to when adjusting the belts. This really gives you an advantage when the temperatures are high, or when you're wearing gloves. It makes it much easier to get the belts as tight as you should be wearing them. Sold in sets of four which is enough for one street legal harness [img-15499-left-large_default] Schroth Harness Grips Details: Manufacturer: Schroth Manufacturer part number:00092 Material: Plastic
Schroth Reinforcement Plates 7/16
Schroth Schroth Reinforcement Plates 7/16" x 20TPI $5.00
Schroth Reinforcement Plates 7/16" x 20TPI Schrtoth SG39 reinforcement plates, also called back-up plates by many chassis builders, are used when reinforcing a harness mount point when the location has not been engineered by the auto manufacturer. Any time you mount a harness to sheet metal, you will need to put a reinforcement plate under it to keep it from ripping out of the floor. Schroth Racing SG39 Reinforcement Plate Details: Manufacturer: Schroth Manufacturer part number: SG39 Length: 3.25" Width: 2" Welded Nut Size/Pitch: 7/16 x 20TPI Finish: Zinc Plated Material: Steel Quantity in kit: 1 Schroth 7/16" x 20TPI Reinforcement Back-Up Plates make for a perfect harness install. This Schroth back-up plate measures 3.25" long x 2" wide with a 7/16 x 20 TPI nut welded to it. This is what comes with most Schroth harness sets to mount your harness eye bolt to. This back-up plate is what comes standard issue with most Schroth Racing Harness kits
Seat Mounting Hardware Kit
Sparco Seat Mounting Hardware Kit $15.00
Discovery Parts Seat Mounting Hardware Kit (4) 8x1.25 25mm Bolts (4) 8x1.25 16mm Bolts (4) 8x1.25 Locking Nuts (8) Washers Sparco Part Numbers: 50001 and 50002 - everything you need in one place!
Sparco Seat Mounting Base: 600 Series
Sparco Sparco Seat Mounting Base: 600 Series $185.00
Sparco 600 Series Seat Mounting Base Refer to the chart below for SKU and fitment Sparco 600 Series seat bases utilize the factory seat mounts on your car or trucks floor to provide a flat surface for mounting your Sparco racing seat. These racing seat bases are vehicle specific for an easy, bolt-in installation. The 600 Series Sparco racing seat bases are constructed with 3/16" thick steel to provide a strong flex-free mount. These racing seat bases are powder coated in a black wrinkle finish for a cleaner look. In addition to the mounting holes provided for standard bolt-on installation, the Sparco base has a wide metal platform to allow custom mounting of side mounts direct to the base (drilling required). This direct installation is an option for race vehicles where the lowest seat position is desired. Please note that these seat mounting bases are available for hundreds of vehicles. As such Discovery Parts cannot stock all makes/models/years and it could take up to 10 business days for your bracket to ship. FEATURES: 3/16" steel construction Wrinkle-finish powder coating Outer set mounting locations allow for wider side-mount racing seats Wide mounting surface allows direct mounting of side mounts (some drilling may be required) PROPER INSTALLATION OF SPARCO RACING SEAT REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING: (1) Seat base (600 series) (1) Side mount bracket set (steel or aluminum) (1) Side mounting hardware kit (50002) (1) Track set seat slider* (00493) *The Track Set allows for forward and backward adjustment of the seat, and is not certified. Check with your sanctioning body before installing. Copy the SKU from the chart below into the "Input Part Number" field above when adding to cart.